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Open letter to the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Laou Israel and Bakchi Doron
Dear Sirs,

When I was in Jerusalem in March 1993, I personally handed you a file entitled Shagrirut Shel Ha'Elohim (Embassy of the Elohim). This file included a letter requesting a piece of land with extra-territorial status near Jerusalem, a letter containing information about Rael, the Mashiach, and the message from YHWH Elohim to the people of Israel. As you read in the file, our country will be destroyed and our brethren will experience another Diaspora if Israel does not give a piece of land near Jerusalem on which to build the Embassy of the Elohim (the Third Temple).

It is my duty as a Jew to do everything in my power to prevent this, and it is also your duty as well as that of each rabbi in every community on the globe. I am therefore asking you to read this file carefully so that you can do everything in your power to have Rael recognised as the Mashiach and therefore prevent the destruction of the state of Israel.

I hope that the texts contained in this file will further inform and enlighten you.

With my greatest respect and love for the Jewish people and the state of Israel.


Leon Mellul

Guide responsible for diffusion among the international Jewish Communities

Canadian Raelian Movement, P.O. Box 86, Youville Station

Montreal, Que., Canada H2P 2V2

c.c.: Chief Rabbi Bakshi Doron

Dear Chief Rabbi Laou,

Please find enclosed several quotations from our great masters on the obligation of every Jew to wish for the coming of the Mashiach each day and to study attentively every sign which could identify him.

In his commentary on the Mishna in the treatise of the Sanhedrin, Rambam states, "I believe wholeheartedly in the coming of the Mashiach, and even if he is late, I will await his coming every day, for to believe in his coming is the twelfth of the thirteen articles of faith." In the Mishne Torah (Hillechot Melachim 2) Rambam also states, "And whosoever entertains doubts about this or does not expect his coming, denies not only the prophets but also the Torah and Moshe our master."

Rabbi Laou, I have informed you many times that Rael is the Mashiach! Is it not the duty of every Jew, as soon as he hears about the Mashiach, to prepare himself and to hurry towards him in order to verify his authenticity?

Rabbi Yossef Albo has also written, in the Sefer Ha'iquarim 4.4 (Books of Principles) that belief in final redemption and the coming of Mashiach stems from the obligation to listen to the prophets, because the Torah obliges us to believe the words of the prophets. He tells us, "The prophets spoke of the Mashiach and it is obvious that not believing in his coming denies the prophets."

Rambam has also stated with certainty that if he rebuilds the temple and gathers together the exiles from Israel, he is certainly the Mashiach.

I am asking you, Rabbi Laou, to take note of the fact that Rael, at the request of the Elohim, has asked the government of Israel several times for a piece of land near Jerusalem on which to build the Third Temple, the Embassy of the Elohim. Rael is also trying, through his lectures and writings, to have the Elohim recognised all over the world; he is gathering together exiles from Israel, who, by following him, put themselves at the service of the Elohim.

Just as Ytro, Moses' father in law, was recognised as a Jew even if his mother was not, Raelians become Jewish when they recognise the Elohim and their Mashiach Rael. They become even more Jewish than those born of Jewish mothers who do not respect the Elohim and do not recognise their last messenger.

Rambam also states, "The Mashiach will not judge because of what his eyes see or because of what his ears hear."

What Rambam says is to be taken literally and means that the Mashiach will have a view and an understanding of the world which go beyond the natural paths of knowledge, and this is true for Rael.

I will end these quotations with one last anecdote which concerns one of the great masters of American Judaism, Rav Ya'aqov Kamenetsky. At a play during a celebration organised in his honour, one of the actors exclaimed, "Mashiach is here, he has just arrived." At that moment, Rav Kamenetsky disappeared and came back, carrying his suitcase, ready to go and meet the Mashiach.

You can see, Rabbi Laou, how seriously the great masters of Judaism have always taken the duty to expect the arrival of the Mashiach at any moment, even during a play.

Rael is the Mashiach, the last of the prophets sent by the Elohim. There are several of us Jews to witness this, and according to the laws of the Torah, the testimony of two Jewish people requires you to verify the truth of these testimonies. Rael was born in France in 1946 and this is why Hitler wanted to destroy all the Jews in Europe, for he knew that the Mashiach would be born at that time and that by killing him he could change the course of history.

The same event has taken place on two other occasions, first when Pharaoh commanded that all first born male children of Jews be killed, for he also knew from those around him that Moses would be born in Egypt, second when Herod the King of Israel had all the new-born of his people killed so that Jesus would be prevented from coming into the world. As you can see, history has repeated itself three times since the creation.

For my part, Rabbi Laou, when I learned of the message given to Rael by our Creators the Elohim, I did some research in the Tanah, the Zohar, the Book of Ezekiel, Daniel and several other Hebrew works. I have thus assembled proof that the message given to Rael by the Elohim is true. Furthermore, the writings of the Torah confirm that the Elohim are several, that they travel in Space, that YHWH is their leader and that they live on another planet.

I am entirely at your service, Chief Rabbi Laou, and will provide you with any additional information that you see fit to request.


Leon Mellul

Guide responsible for diffusion among the international Jewish communities

c/c : Rabin Joseph Sitruk, grand Rabin de France
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