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20 Years of Action - a Diffusion amongst Jews and Israel
December 13th, 1973
Our extraterrestrial creators, known as Elohim in the Bible, (a Hebrew plural word which means those who came from the sky) name the messenger they have chosen as "RAEL" and dictate to him "The book which tells the truth".

December 1979
The Elohim telepathically transmit the same dream to seven persons, five of which are Rabbis: the Mashiach's arrival is imminent.

December 31st, 1979
Guided by the Elohim, Rael writes to each of them. He is truly the Mashiach announced in the ancient writings and confirms the request for an Embassy for our Fathers, near Jerusalem.

May 1989
First public lectures in Jerusalem given by the Raelian Movement. The Israeli Jews discover our creator's messages, specifically the section addressed to them.

March 20th, 1990
Rael, with the Elohim's approval, decides to change the symbol of the Raelian Movement, to ease the negotiations in anticipation for building the Embassy in Israel, and out of respect for the sensitivity of the victims of nazism.

November 8th, 1991
The Jewish New Year; time has come to make the first official request for the Embassy to the State of Israel.

December 5th, 1991
Another request is made to Israel's Chief Rabbi, Mordejai Eliyahou.

January 1992
This Chief Rabbi acknowledges our official request for a piece of land for the embassy. Our case is being studied from then on.

March 10th, 1993
All the National Raelian Movements send a document notifying the Hebrew State of an upcoming event crucial for its existence, to all the embassies and consulates of Israel in their respective countries, as well as to the deputies of the Knesset.

March 25th, 1993
The Mashiach Rael is announced in Jerusalem, at the Wailing Wall, to the sound of the Shofar Gadol.

March 26th, 1993
The Chief rabbi of New York, Rabbi Schneerson, declares in the Jerusalem Post that he is not the Mashiach and that he never authorised anyone to say he was.

Summer 1993
Following these events, the Israeli government investigates on the Raelian Movement. The commission concludes that the Raelian Movement is peaceful and harmless for the state's security. In its report, two rabbis stipulate that Rael might well be the awaited Mashiach.

Autumn 1993
Therefore, following the positive considerations granted by the State of Israel to the request for an Embassy for our fathers the Elohim, the peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which every one thought impossible, is now brewing.

November 18th, 1993
Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is handed another request for the embassy during the Montreal Jewish Convention.

December 9th, 1993
The Prime Minister advises us through his office, that he cannot accede to our request.

December 13th, 1993
Peace for Israel was scheduled to begin on this the day of the twentieth anniversary of YHWH's encounter with his Prophet Rael. Regrettably, because of Mister Yitzhak Rabin's refusal, peace is postponed.

The Elohim, our extraterrestrial creators await from the children of Israel, a tract of land near Jerusalem for the building of their Embassy (the Third Temple). In case of a final refusal from Israel, the Elohim will withdraw the protection they have always granted to the Hebrew State since its creation. Israel will then be destroyed and there will be a new Diaspora. The sole reason for the existence of the State of Israel is welcoming the Mashiach and helping him to build this embassy for the greeting of our creators. This is in no way a threat from the International Raelian Movement, but a message from YHWH Elohim to the Jewish people (see page 220 of "The book which tells the truth").
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